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    marianne schulze
    human rights consultant

    Mon, 18.12.23

    Botswana adopts CRPD law

    Sun, 02.10.22

    Hartheim Memorial Lecture

    Sun, 21.11.21

    Accessible Technology & the Developing World

    Fri, 15.04.16

    human rights principles in developing and updating policies and laws on mental health

    Sun, 06.07.14

    supported decision-making: for prime ministers only?

    Mon, 04.03.13

    spread the word to end the word

    Thu, 07.02.13

    contemporary images of persons with disabilities

    Tue, 11.09.12

    cluster munitions

    Sun, 09.09.12

    transforming dialogues

    Mon, 05.09.11

    australian of the year 2011, ron mccallum

    Fri, 28.01.11

    NYTimes series: Realm of Senses

    Wed, 19.05.10

    realizing the MDGs for persons with disabilities

    Fri, 12.03.10

    leveraged freedom chair

    Sat, 06.02.10

    decriminalizing migration

    Thu, 05.03.09

    (II) inclusive eurovision song-contest

    Sat, 03.01.09

    advancing the rights of persons with disabilities

    Sun, 02.11.08

    on the wings of mainstream

    Thu, 25.09.08

    inclusive eurovision song-contest 2009?

    Tue, 09.09.08


    Sun, 07.09.08

    chinese attitudes to persons with disabilities