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    marianne schulze
    human rights consultant

    Mon, 05.09.11

    australian of the year 2011, ron mccallum

    Sat, 21.05.11

    intervention gone wrong: ampilatwatja, australia

    Fri, 25.03.11

    blindness aside, a shared vision

    Fri, 21.01.11

    universal periodic review: austria and australia

    Mon, 28.06.10

    understaffing leading to human rights violations

    Thu, 20.05.10

    homelessness in australia

    Sat, 14.02.09

    valentine’s day: human rights perspective

    Mon, 02.02.09

    a heart steeped in empathy – michael kirby retires

    Mon, 26.01.09

    australia day 2009

    Tue, 09.12.08

    human rights bill for australia?

    Mon, 01.09.08

    indigenous people in australia: the consequences of exclusion

    Thu, 03.07.08

    indigenous australians: suicide rates sky-rocketing

    Wed, 21.05.08

    economic rights in australia

    Wed, 13.02.08

    (II) recognition: aussie pm says “sorry”

    Wed, 06.02.08

    (I) recognition: on saying “sorry”