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    marianne schulze
    human rights consultant

    Fri, 01.03.13

    enough food for everyone – G8 summit 17/18 june 2013

    Wed, 18.05.11

    time warp: societal gap of victorian times predicted

    Wed, 04.05.11

    sports events & the right to housing

    Thu, 07.04.11

    vermont: healthcare as a human right

    Mon, 14.02.11

    valentine’s day: ask, if you feel like buying

    Sun, 16.01.11

    good ideas taken out of context of intention

    Mon, 03.01.11

    public vs private

    Mon, 09.08.10

    india: right to food

    Thu, 29.07.10

    access to clean water as a human right

    Sun, 25.07.10

    poverty & health

    Wed, 16.06.10

    right to health care – rwanda style

    Thu, 10.06.10

    amnesty calls for human rights in fight against poverty

    Sat, 05.06.10

    older persons in increased danger of extreme poverty

    Thu, 20.05.10

    homelessness in australia

    Sat, 30.01.10


    Sun, 17.01.10


    Sat, 09.01.10

    mental health care in the united states of america

    Sat, 02.01.10

    2010: combating poverty & social exclusion

    Sat, 20.06.09

    one billion people go hungry

    Mon, 04.05.09

    poverty in austria on the rise

    Wed, 04.03.09


    Tue, 03.03.09

    right to health vs. pharmaceutical industry?

    Sat, 28.02.09


    Mon, 29.12.08

    crisis: the first cracks

    Thu, 25.12.08

    (II) afghanistan

    Wed, 24.12.08


    Sat, 13.12.08

    food vs. agriculture

    Sat, 06.12.08

    poverty, from a nuclear perspective

    Tue, 18.11.08

    optional protocol on economic, social & cultural rights

    Fri, 26.09.08


    Mon, 08.09.08

    literacy is the best remedy

    Mon, 25.08.08

    poverty in the midst of plenty

    Sun, 22.06.08

    eight to work