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    marianne schulze
    human rights consultant

    Mon, 18.12.23

    Botswana adopts CRPD law

    Tue, 11.07.23

    Social Sustainability

    Sat, 22.04.23

    Analysis of treatment of stalking victims

    Sun, 02.10.22

    Hartheim Memorial Lecture

    Fri, 21.01.22

    Combating poverty amidst a pandemic

    Sun, 21.11.21

    Accessible Technology & the Developing World

    Wed, 21.07.21

    Women’s Political and Economic Participation

    Wed, 06.09.17

    the violence provision of the CRPD

    Tue, 29.08.17

    Council of Europe: A study on Freedom from Exploitation, Violence and Abuse of Persons with Disabilities

    Sat, 28.01.17

    10 years humanrightsconsultant.at

    Fri, 15.04.16

    saying sorry: canada

    Fri, 15.04.16

    human rights principles in developing and updating policies and laws on mental health

    Wed, 30.12.15

    skip the beat: it’s a leap year!

    Mon, 16.02.15

    reviews for human rights and disability advocacy

    Tue, 23.12.14

    indulge in sweetness early: happy 2015

    Sun, 06.07.14

    supported decision-making: for prime ministers only?

    Thu, 20.03.14

    equality: men at work pictograms, copyright by UNFPA

    Mon, 10.03.14

    health impact of violence against women

    Sun, 09.03.14

    women’s day: graphic graphs

    Mon, 23.12.13

    jump: utilize the year of the green horse!

    Mon, 21.10.13

    new book: human rights & disability advocacy

    Thu, 05.09.13

    chilean judges apologize

    Fri, 21.06.13

    international refugee day

    Fri, 31.05.13

    no to racism!

    Thu, 30.05.13

    access to health care

    Fri, 08.03.13

    gun violence: how many people do you know who have been shot?

    Fri, 08.03.13

    women’s day: enough is enough – a promise is a promise

    Mon, 04.03.13

    spread the word to end the word

    Fri, 01.03.13

    enough food for everyone – G8 summit 17/18 june 2013

    Thu, 07.02.13

    contemporary images of persons with disabilities III

    Thu, 07.02.13

    contemporary images of persons with disabilities

    Thu, 07.02.13


    Wed, 19.12.12

    ignore superstition, embrace 2013!

    Tue, 11.09.12

    cluster munitions

    Sun, 09.09.12

    transforming dialogues

    Mon, 03.09.12

    twitter & free-speech

    Thu, 23.08.12

    performance transformed into activism

    Mon, 20.08.12

    accessible & inclusive olympics

    Sat, 10.12.11

    human rights day 2011

    Mon, 31.10.11

    posters against racism

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