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marianne schulze
human rights consultant

Sun, 06.07.14

supported decision-making: for prime ministers only?

Thu, 20.03.14

equality: men at work pictograms, copyright by UNFPA

Mon, 10.03.14

health impact of violence against women

Sun, 09.03.14

women’s day: graphic graphs

Fri, 08.03.13

women’s day: enough is enough – a promise is a promise

Thu, 07.02.13


Thu, 23.08.12

performance transformed into activism

Fri, 25.03.11

blindness aside, a shared vision

Wed, 09.03.11

women’s day 2011

Fri, 07.01.11

the glitz of ‘the’ season

Sat, 06.03.10

oscars on the eve of women’s day

Fri, 05.03.10


Wed, 20.05.09

gender-gap: prison

Sun, 12.04.09

(III) missing women

Thu, 26.06.08

(II) sexism sells

Tue, 24.06.08

women’s rights: basic info

Mon, 16.06.08

sex(ism) sells

Sat, 01.03.08

between valentine’s & women’s day