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marianne schulze
human rights consultant

Fri, 08.03.13

gun violence: how many people do you know who have been shot?

Wed, 01.06.11

the nuremberg legacy

Thu, 26.05.11

scotus: reduce prison population, california

Wed, 04.05.11

sports events & the right to housing

Sun, 06.03.11

lost in military rule

Thu, 24.02.11

1/3 of landmine casualties are children

Mon, 21.02.11

from dictatorship to democracy

Sat, 05.02.11

momento: cairo, january 2010

Sun, 16.01.11

good ideas taken out of context of intention

Wed, 12.01.11

innocence project

Wed, 20.05.09

gender-gap: prison

Mon, 26.01.09

first trial: international criminal court

Thu, 08.01.09

desmond tutu speaks out