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marianne schulze
human rights consultant

Fri, 15.04.16

human rights principles in developing and updating policies and laws on mental health

Sun, 06.07.14

supported decision-making: for prime ministers only?

Mon, 04.03.13

spread the word to end the word

Sat, 10.12.11

human rights day 2011

Mon, 18.07.11

diversity of media ownership

Thu, 24.02.11

1/3 of landmine casualties are children

Mon, 21.02.11

from dictatorship to democracy

Sat, 05.02.11

momento: cairo, january 2010

Fri, 21.01.11

human rights in china

Sun, 09.01.11

in force: protection from enforced disappearance

Mon, 03.01.11

public vs private

Mon, 09.08.10

india: right to food

Thu, 29.07.10

access to clean water as a human right

Sat, 06.02.10

decriminalizing migration

Thu, 15.10.09

love of reading … and writing

Sat, 03.01.09

advancing the rights of persons with disabilities

Tue, 23.12.08


Tue, 23.12.08


Mon, 22.12.08


Tue, 16.12.08

arundhati roy on bombay attacks

Fri, 12.12.08

right to (higher) education

Wed, 10.12.08

60 years universal declaration of human rights

Sat, 06.12.08

poverty, from a nuclear perspective

Wed, 03.12.08

convention on cluster munitions

Tue, 18.11.08

optional protocol on economic, social & cultural rights

Mon, 17.11.08

blind in baghdad

Tue, 28.10.08

follow-up: venezuela expells human rights defenders

Fri, 26.09.08


Mon, 22.09.08

venezuela expells human rights defenders

Mon, 08.09.08

literacy is the best remedy

Tue, 26.08.08