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marianne schulze
human rights consultant

Fri, 08.03.13

gun violence: how many people do you know who have been shot?

Thu, 26.05.11

scotus: reduce prison population, california

Thu, 07.04.11

vermont: healthcare as a human right

Wed, 12.01.11

innocence project

Tue, 15.06.10

“courtesy for the disabled”

Sat, 09.01.10

mental health care in the united states of america

Fri, 08.01.10

saying sorry: american indians

Thu, 30.04.09

children eroding parental rights in usa

Fri, 23.01.09

accountability reinforced

Sat, 17.01.09

the judges

Fri, 09.01.09

transition pledges: human rights perspective

Tue, 23.12.08

(II) right to vote

Thu, 18.12.08

undoing the damage

Fri, 05.12.08

lobbying for a supreme court hearing

Sun, 19.10.08

politics & religion

Tue, 09.09.08

right to vote